Georgia Ruth – Cloudbroke

Welsh singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Georgia Ruth has been beguiling listeners on her latest album Fossil Scale with her delicate voice and tender harmonies. But new single Cloudbroke isn’t a campestral emphemeral twinkle. Infused with modern beats that give her charming mellifluous medlodies a sense of momentum and power, it’s a demonstration of her expansion since previous album Week of Pines. Whilst her trusty harp remains, across the new record we hear keys, synths, guitars, layered recorders and the Indian sarangi, and nowhere is this broader palette more obvious than on Cloudbroke. The new video  (directed by Eilir Pierce, choreographed by Eddie Ladd), along with the song and its title bear more than a nod to Kate Bush, rushing highs merging with the charming hushes as the sea and sound osscilate together. Along with the Ewan Pearson remix, it all demonstrates just how much Georgia Ruth has to offer – keep listening.


Photo by Warren Orchard

Georgia Ruth plays Servant Jazz Quarters, London, Feb 2nd 2017 – buy tickets


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