Marissa Nadler – Said Goodbye To That Car

Marissa Nadler has shared an entrancing black and white video for Said Goodbye To That Car, the final track on her recently released album For My Crimes, (out now on Bella Union) of which she says: “It’s a song about a car but the car is never shown in the video. Instead, snippets of memories associatedContinue reading “Marissa Nadler – Said Goodbye To That Car”

Mothers – Beauty Routine

A deliciously somnambulant and polyphonic tune exploring beauty ideals and semantic experience, Beauty Routine is the new track from Mothers. As idiosyncratic as we’ve come to expect from the band, Kristine Leschper’s voice is crisp and steady over shifting guitars and changing beats. The new album Render Another Ugly Method attempts to gain an expanded view of its surroundingsContinue reading “Mothers – Beauty Routine”

Beach House – Black Car

Beach House are a beguiling band. And so is their new tune Black Car. A mysterious song with a pounding bass line and erratic pulsing beat, it’s the latest tune from their woozy and atmospheric album 7. Despite its weightlessness there’s a sense of power to proceedings. It’s hypnotic and infectious, and pure Beach House.Continue reading “Beach House – Black Car”

Georgia Ruth – Cloudbroke

Welsh singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Georgia Ruth has been beguiling listeners on her latest album Fossil Scale with her delicate voice and tender harmonies. But new single Cloudbroke isn’t a campestral emphemeral twinkle. Infused with modern beats that give her charming mellifluous medlodies a sense of momentum and power, it’s a demonstration of her expansion since previousContinue reading “Georgia Ruth – Cloudbroke”