About Me

I’m a writer. A storyteller. Someone who can bring words alive. Make them sparkle. With experience and skill in journalismcopywriting, content writing, editing and marketing, everything I do comes from the values of creativity, communication, and connection.

My background spans corporate communication, brand evaluation, freelance journalism, marketing and research & insight. I know how to figure out what an audience wants, and connect with them to deliver results.

If you need some words – and everyone needs words – get in touch.

A brief CV:

Communications Consultant – copywriting, content marketing, social media management and newsletter management for clients including Medela, RA International, Javier Orti therapy, Lapidus International, Corinthian Construction, Lake District Tourist Board.

Brand Communications & Media evaluation – measuring the efficacy of communications and making strategic improvements to optimise media and messaging. Clients include Tesco, Aptamil, Muller, Thomas Cook.

Insight & Research – understanding a customer and their needs and providing companies with the means to reach them. Amongst the brands I’ve worked with are Tesco, Diageo, Royal Bank of Scotland, Highland Spring, British Airways.

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