Having a chat with Sam from Thrillhouse to celebrate the release of new single One Of These Days,
So for those who don’t know, who are Thrillhouse?
Thrillhouse are Alistair Scott, Jackie B. Nielsen and Sam Burns.
One Of These Days is dark and lively in equal measure, a sort of sombre dance tune. Is it evocative of your usual style?
Not all of our songs are quite a ‘dancy’ as this one, but they’re all upbeat musically I suppose but with a dash of melancholy in the words. 

There’s four of you in the band. Who writes? Is it a democratic process?
I write the songs and demo them in my pokey little flat and then get the others in to finish them off. So semi-democratic, semi totalitarian dictatorship.

You’re from Brighton – what’s the local scene like?
Brighton has a pretty good music scene at the moment. It seems to go in waves. I’ve seen some really good bands over the last few months. Squid and Fur are great…and are also great names.
Who or what influences you?
It’s been influenced by Talking Heads, where you can do a lot with quite a little. Brian Eno said ‘repetition is a form of change’ and we’ve tried to apply that to the music. It’s not just that we’re lazy, it was intentional…I think?

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