Having a chat with Sam from Thrillhouse to celebrate the release of new single One Of These Days, So for those who don’t know, who are Thrillhouse? Thrillhouse are Alistair Scott, Jackie B. Nielsen and Sam Burns. One Of These Days is dark and lively in equal measure, a sort of sombre dance tune. Is itContinue reading “Introducing…Thrillhouse”

Pygmalion at Brighton Early Music Festival

The theme of this year’s Brighton Early Music Festival is ‘roots.’ Art never exists in isolation, and the festival explores the tangled web of links that modern music has with ancient instruments, the way that classic pieces resonate with contemporary times, and the myriad influences of the globe on national sounds. The festival aims toContinue reading “Pygmalion at Brighton Early Music Festival”

Thyla – Pristine Dream

Dream pop doesn’t usually come with as much bite as this tune from Brighton’s Thyla. Slices of eighties synth vie with dense vocals and airy guitars to create something a bit shoegazey and a bit sky soaring. Far from pristine, there’s plenty of simmering grit in here as Millie Duthie leads the quartert into powerfulContinue reading “Thyla – Pristine Dream”

BOA – Steal It

With shimmering effulgence over jerky beats Bristol x Brighton trio BOA explore that age old topic of unrequited love, but with euphoric swoons and escapism. New single Steal It gurgles with relaxed grooves and youthful indulgence, as they seek to capture ‘endless summer days, lost love and being in the moment’ according to vocalist Hugh Reilly-Smith. It’sContinue reading “BOA – Steal It”

Demob Happy – Dream Soda

Sometimes you’re just angry and need to get it all out. At least that’s the situation that Brighton grunge band Demob Happy seem to be in, and in getting it out they’ve made an album that is brash, visceral, and arresting. Brutally cynical about the record industry in which they operate (In an interview withContinue reading “Demob Happy – Dream Soda”