Bad Wolf – Too Much Too Young

Bad Wolf - Too Much Too Young

Coming exactly six months after Bad Wolf‘s debut(AA-side) single, Addiction to Fiction/Hot Lunch, Too Much Too Young is a more than worthy follow-up. Although unable to match Addiction to Fiction or Hot Lunch for sheer energy, Too Much Too Young more than holds its own. With a style that reminds me of an intriguing combination of The Hush Sound, Los Campesinos!(only a bit) and Muse, this song is quickly becoming an integral part of my iTunes listening.

Harris’ voice provides a perfect companion to the infectious melodies, lending a sense of sincerity to the lyrics ensuring that this song doesn’t feel like just another song being churned out to cash in on the fans. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying don’t buy this… on the contrary I would say that if you like a bit of feeling in your music rather than just ‘this’ll do’, this is a must-have addition to your library. If what I say isn’t quite doing it for you, let me put it this way – a friend of mine, who we shall name Charlotte, listened to it just once and said “its good… it’s definitely already stuck in my head”. Enough said I think.

Now onto the B-Sides…

A Thousand Myths – Now you wouldn’t expect this song after having listened to the A side. Much more upbeat and much closer to Hot Lunch in sound. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see this song as an A side on a single all of its own as I think it is that good.

Who’s Got Your Back – This song is very similar to some lighter Avenged Sevenfold songs, such as Afterlife, and with this I mindI have to say that I feel that this single provides us with a great range of what this trio are aiming to show us in their music.

I can’t wait for the next offering in about six months?

Bad Wolf’s Too Much Too Young can be found on iTunes and Amazon

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