What is And So She Thinks…?

Everything I do comes from my core values – communication, connection, curiosity and creativity. And So She Thinks is me, my passions, my skills, and my plans; a place to share my thoughts and the things that I discover.

I’m an NCTJ trained journalist, and through freelance journalism, radio and podcasting, creative writing and more the focus of my work is telling the story of things that excite me. I’ve written for TNT, The Establishment, State of the Arts, Le Cool, Mature Times, Adios Barbie and more. I run creative writing workshops, which you can book here, and work as an editor for authors in health and psychology.

I know a lot of people, and how to get them interested and excited, spreading the word, creating content, organising events and developing full marketing plans. I’ve helped spread the word about record releases, arts shows and book launches, and freelance copywriting and branding clients span the health, business and consumer spheres.

An insight professional and endlessly curious individual, I’m very used to researching an idea and audience and communicating with them.

Gathering people together to experience new music, hear creative work, share ideas and have fun is something I both enjoy, and seem to be good at. Whether it’s collaborations, organising day long festivals or charity events, I’ve been behind some entertaining, enjoyable, and successful events.

I love having projects on the go and creating and curating work. Stories from Songs was a collection of short stories written by people across the country, gathered together here, and I’ve recently published a collection of my own short stories.

My passion for health has also spurred me to design and produce a recipe book for individuals in recovery from an eating disorder.

If you want to keep in touch head to that page

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