Stories from songs – live!

Launch event at The Gallery Cafe, Bethnal Green. Friday August 30th, 7.30pm Still time to get involved! Stories about songs was set up by Francesca and Jamie due to a love of the aforementioned “s” words and general delight found in music and words. They also can never sit still and dabble in zine makingContinue reading “Stories from songs – live!”

Yellow Bird Project

Sometimes, when a little tipsy after a night out, and sitting on my sofa trying to sober myself up with a hefty portion of carbs to help prevent the inevitable hangover, I end up browsing online shopping. Lacking in willpower at the best of times, my bank account sometimes sees some unexpected purchases in theContinue reading “Yellow Bird Project”

Harold Honey – Helltown

Helltown, the newest EP from Los Angeles based blues/punk rocker Harold Honey is a renegade rock soundtrack to damnation, and there’s a whole lotta shakin goin on in the Pit! This three song EP is rebel rock at its finest. Honey’s deep gritty voice grinds out dark lyrical storytelling while supported by wild choral backingContinue reading “Harold Honey – Helltown”

The best Christmas present yet?

Pulp – After You It’s All Happening loved their socks, were rapt at the gifts of cheap aftershave, and utterly delighted with the sixth tin of Family Circle biscuits, but this post from Jarvis and the gang has got to top all the presents. The enviably lucky attendees of Pulp’s recent Sheffield homecoming show were wereContinue reading “The best Christmas present yet?”

Chatting with The YuYa – and get Naked for free!

Yuya was a powerful Egyptian courtier during the eighteenth dynasty of Ancient Egypt. Signed to Dayjob Records The YuYa are an inspiring and eclectic duo who’s almost reggae folk fusion and dreamy indie tunes have been making waves amongst those who like their music with a dollop of authenticity and avant garde. It’s All Happening catchContinue reading “Chatting with The YuYa – and get Naked for free!”