Alphabet Backwards perform for IAH..

Due to Health & Safety regulations The Barn stage was retired for this year’s Truck Festival. It was a sad day for everyone, with many a great performance having taken place in the cow-stenched building over the previous 13 Trucks. However, It’s All Happening dodged the H&S police to sneak Alphabet Backwards in to theContinue reading “Alphabet Backwards perform for IAH..”

Alphabet Backwards chat to IAH..

Sometimes things are best left in their natural state. Carrots are tastier raw, Jordan was prettier pre-operation and interviews with Alphabet Backwards are best unedited. The interview with the band in The Barn at Oxford’s Truck Festival was our favourite ever interview to date. We originally edited out the discussion of erections, mammaries and theContinue reading “Alphabet Backwards chat to IAH..”

It's All Happening speak to David's Lyre

There is little known about David’s Lyre, the current project of Paul Dixon, with the myspace, website and facebook sites all taking a minimalist approach. It’s All Happening set out to discover some facts about his at this year’s Great Escape Festival in Brighton. Watch the video below to find out everything you need toContinue reading “It's All Happening speak to David's Lyre”

Moddi chats to It's All Happening…

On a sunny day in Brighton at The Great Escape festival, It’s All Happening were lucky enough to chat to Pål Moddi Knutsen, more commonly known as Moddi. Sat at an idyllic location on the beach in front of the pier Moddi discussed growing up in Norway, the process behind his writing and performs twoContinue reading “Moddi chats to It's All Happening…”

Chew Lips

Euphoric and uninhibited eighties pop, if ChewLips were a packet of sweets, they’d be Refreshers. Tigs is a buoyant frontwoman, embodying the pulsating rhythms and smooth vibrations of tracks like ‘Solo’ and ‘Salt Air.’ Seductive and stimulating, ChewLips are an effulgent part of what is quickly becoming a saturated genre..Whether shadow boxing, doing the ropeContinue reading “Chew Lips”