Yuck – Age Of Consent (New Order cover) – Live at RAK

Ahead of next week’s takeover at The Macbeth, Yuck have shared this excellent video covering new New Order’s Age Of Consent recorded at the legendary RAK Studios in NorthWest London. The full set, directed and filmed as a 360-style improvised ‘experiment’ by Michael Lawrence, features recently announced new guitarist Ed Hayes, and includes tracks from the band’sContinue reading “Yuck – Age Of Consent (New Order cover) – Live at RAK”

Yuck – Middle Sea

Want some lo fi anthem if drone in your life from one of the most prolific and consistently promising bands of recent years? Yuck have a new album out on September 30th, Glow & Behold, which is full of enchanting tunes that are a bit more rambunctious than previously seen (perhaps to do with theContinue reading “Yuck – Middle Sea”

Where next?

Blood Red Shoes @ Revenge Thursday 21.45 Not that they need a bigging up in any way, shape or form with this being a home tie n’all for the Brighton duo, but this Thursday night slot should go off big time as they clatter there way through tracks from both killer albums. I’m physically jealousContinue reading “Where next?”

Ones To Watch

It tends to take years, or at least months, for bands to form a following, to build a reputation and to get themselves heard. The arrival of January 2011 will not suddenly create a throng of new artists that until now have been hiding away, ready to form on New Year’s Eve and take theContinue reading “Ones To Watch”