Pandorasdiary – Smell The Roses

Some artists are true creatives, refusing to accept the status quo and pushing forward with new and innovative ways to create music and share those sounds. Pandorasdiary is launching a video of a flashmob tour during rush hour in London – playing the song in 5 different locations, gathering friends along the way. ‘London canContinue reading “Pandorasdiary – Smell The Roses”

The Garage – Live

There’s nothing better than enthusiasm and an DIY attitude  especially when the output is so good. The Garage-Live TV, a series of six hafl hour programmes is a new show in the North East showcasing local talent and the myriad musical output from the region. Musicians and creative artists from across the region came together toContinue reading “The Garage – Live”

I've been lazy: Part 2: Tizzie Kite

So… part 2 of my lazy blog posts. I actually intended to do this post in September, so I am severely behind! So far Tizzie Kite has just done covers, my personal favorite being Talking to The Moon by Bruno Mars, which you can check out here: She has such a strong voice and you can reallyContinue reading “I've been lazy: Part 2: Tizzie Kite”