Pale Honey – Pale Honey

On their self titled debut Pale Honey have honed their vehement sound and sophisticated grunge into a full length record that is tense and taut, brilliantly executed with a deliberate passion and nonchalant angst. Just like first single Youth is frenzied and tumultuous, bristling as it does with intense strength and blistering guitar work, poised and potentContinue reading “Pale Honey – Pale Honey”

Pale Honey – Youth

Bolting forth with bright fever and passionate frankness, Youth, from Swedish duo Pale Honey is a direct and fresh piece of frenzied and fraught garage pop, bristling with playful riffs and pacey drums. Tuvra Lodmark (guitar/vocals) and Nelly Daltrey (drums) describe the track as having ‘controlled coolness’, the sweaty intensity of the guitar work layered overContinue reading “Pale Honey – Youth”