Radio – Thoughts & Rhythms Sept 9th

Dearly Beloved – For Her The Growlers – Humdrum Blues Eagulls – Nerve Endings Splashh – Something’s Here Top Less – Danger Love Youth Lagoon – Raspberry Cane Yoofs – For Her Spirits Flow – Then Comes Silence Too Dead Young Friends – Inside Your Head Dead Leaf Echo – Kingmaker Love Inks – SolarContinue reading “Radio – Thoughts & Rhythms Sept 9th”

Youth Lagoon – Raspberry Cane

Music, like the mind, is a complex thing. Some people navigate life via talking, others counter their demons with drugs, and the talented ones use music. Trevor Powers, the man behind Youth Lagoon has been well documented in his use of music to sort his own thoughts and make sense of it all. Describing hisContinue reading “Youth Lagoon – Raspberry Cane”