The Yoga of Food: Wellness from the Inside Out by Melissa Grabau PhD

For something essential to life, we have a complex relationship with food. So many of us see it as the enemy, fighting against it and our bodies, in a battle that we do not truly understand. New diets, expert rules, nutrition guidelines and celebrity fads have left many of us feeling confused about what to eat,Continue reading “The Yoga of Food: Wellness from the Inside Out by Melissa Grabau PhD”

Breathing: How to Get a Natural Buzz. No Caffeine Required

The idea that we don’t know how to do it properly is anathema to many of us. It’s one of those life skills that it is assumed that we do have, but is never really discussed. We do it nearly 26,000 times a day, so surely we should have nailed it by now. The veryContinue reading “Breathing: How to Get a Natural Buzz. No Caffeine Required”

Yoga Gets Social

No pain, no gain. Force yourself. Train mean eat clean. Once exercise was all about the aggressive approach, pushing your body hard, and to hell with your mind, others, or the rest of your life. It was punishment to be endured. And yoga, that was about clearing your mind. Focus. Get on the mat. AndContinue reading “Yoga Gets Social”

Yoga for eating disorders

One of the most wonderful things about yoga, in all its forms, is that it can be all things to all men and women. Debates rage as to whether yoga is a science or an art, a physical, mental or spiritual practice, an exercise or meditation. For this very reason it can provide a nourishingContinue reading “Yoga for eating disorders”