Is seeking wellness making us ill?

First published on Alt Magazine At the Battle of Ideas 2015, run by the Institute of Ideas, I went to a talk entitled ‘Mindfulness: empty minds for an empty society?’ I was expecting to hear the usual criticisms as to how mindfulness is just a way of justifying not thinking, an over marketed money making scam,Continue reading “Is seeking wellness making us ill?”

Mind Body Spirit Festival London

Mind, body, spirit. The triad of the self and life. All three are worth celebrating, and that is exactly what the Mind Body Spirit Festival aims to do. The four day event of complete wellbeing, including self-development, self-empowerment, yoga, natural healing, meditation and music takes place this bank holiday weekend at Olympia London. The festival will feature some of theContinue reading “Mind Body Spirit Festival London”

Creative Movement Yoga

Ambling slowly around the room, stretching out my limbs and reaching into the space, I’m finding myself feeling more free than in a long time. At the Friday night session of Creative Yoga, at the beautiful Albany Club near Regent’s Park, limitations and inhibitions are not lifted completely, but seem more relaxed and there’s aContinue reading “Creative Movement Yoga”