Alan Hollinghurst – The Stranger’s Child

Glory Days – WWII Book Reviews Issue seven of New Zealand’s premier vintage lifestyle publication coincided with the start of the World War I centenary, so, in the spirit of remembrance, they focus on stories related to both World Wars this issue. One of which is a little book review of Alan Hollinghurst’s The Stranger’s Child.  

Collaborative Creativity

I went to the pub, met some random people from the London ‘Zine and Self Publishing Group, ate some chicken, drank some wine, and made a collaborative ‘zine – in under 2 hours! Poet Sarah Dawson has written all about the evening on her blog.    

What should I read? And who should tell me?

At this year’s Battle of Ideas the opening debate concerning literature was entitled To Read or Not To Read – The Canon and the 21st Century. Basically, is there a need for a literary canon in the 21st century? And if there is, should it be full of dead white European men, as Tim Black,Continue reading “What should I read? And who should tell me?”

Stories From Songs

Very pleased to announce the launch of Stories From Songs, the collection of stories inspired by the best thing in the world, music. With submissions from people all over the country, based on all kinds of genres, written all different subjects and spanning numerous styles, it’s a collection of the best kind of community creativity.Continue reading “Stories From Songs”