Glastonbury Secret

A short story I wrote for Yellow Door Storytellers, a storytelling night taking place at Natural Born Philosopher, London. ‘It’s beautiful isn’t it?’ Charlotte whispers to me. She’s right, it is. Nothing has even happened, at least not down there, not officially, yet my heart is ready to burst at the wonder of it all.Continue reading “Glastonbury Secret”

London Short Story Festival

Short stories seem to be on the ascendancy. They’ve never been ignored, with Aesop, Hemingway, Mansfield and Munroe all making them their signature artform, but in recent years there seems to have been a greater respect and excitement afforded to this most potent form of writing. A good short story is like a magic spell,Continue reading “London Short Story Festival”

Creative Writing Workshop at The Cut

I’m running another creative writing workshop, this time taking place at The Cut, The Young Vic’s cafe and bar, on Saturday 11th April, from 3pm. The last one was super fun, and this one should be too. All very laid back, with no pressure at all. Come along to learn some new skills, write theContinue reading “Creative Writing Workshop at The Cut”

The Faithful Couple – AD Miller

The male friendship bond is not something often explored in mainstream culture, at least not in ways that aren’t all about the jovial humour, witty banter, lads jostling each other for kicks. Any significant relationship regardless of gender or whether it is platonic is something can be a fascinating topic to explore and in his latest novel The FaithfulContinue reading “The Faithful Couple – AD Miller”