Writing for Wellbeing – Voluntary Arts

The Writing For Wellbeing workshop at Ashford’s Creative Collective went better than I, the eternal pessimist, would have expected. You can read some more about it here on the Voluntary Arts website, but highlights included a diverse range of people, some already regularly writing, others who rarely picked up a pen, all engaging with activitiesContinue reading “Writing for Wellbeing – Voluntary Arts”

Will Green – Default Setting: A Nervous Breakdown

Edward has a history of alcoholism and substance abuse, as well as self harm. When we meet him in Default Setting – A Nervous Breakdown he has just split up with Jess, the girl he thought was the love of his life. She’s gone off with someone else. And so begins his descent again. Will Green‘sContinue reading “Will Green – Default Setting: A Nervous Breakdown”