Online courses

I’m offering online workshops, that you can learn more about here…. Five Ways To Wellbeing An introduction to how you can use writing for wellbeing, health and happiness, based on the New Economics Foundation Five Ways to Wellbeing. Based on research spanning scientific research, organisational frameworks, government policy efficacy and individuals, the government think takeContinue reading “Online courses”

Write Happy

Head to London’s first Happiness Café to explore how writing can help boost your mood, happiness and wellbeing, helping you on the path to a GREAT DREAM. This free writing workshop will be taking place at the lovely Canvas Café, 42 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5JL on Thursday 15th June 2017 from 7pm – 8pm as part of London Arts InContinue reading “Write Happy”

Soul Relics – Memories and Story

I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Vanessa of Soul Relics for a Memories and Story writing workshop as part of London Arts In Health week. On Wednesday 14th June, 6.30-8pm we will be at Eastbourne House Arts, London, to explore objects and memories. We all have memories, and we may own objects that evoke, hold, or remind usContinue reading “Soul Relics – Memories and Story”

Music Therapy

First published on Stillpoint Spaces Music is pretty powerful. It’s the undeniable euphoria and buzz that comes from hearing a song you love, the effect akin to walking on sunshine whilst watching lambs frolic king gleefully after you’ve just necked your morning triple shot coffee. It’s the ability of a song to transport you toContinue reading “Music Therapy”

Creativity off the page

Written for and published in the Lapidus 20th Anniversary Journal Creativity really becomes of value when we experience it in our souls. Its real impact does not occur in twenty minutes of journal writing, or at a two hour workshop, but when it begins to permeate our beings and become an experience felt in everydayContinue reading “Creativity off the page”