I've been lazy: Part 1: The Wombats

So I attended my first EVER gig! A while back though, to be fair, but still, I loveloveloveloveloved it! The Wombats are one of my favorite bands ever and the atmosphere at the concert was incredible! I took a load of pictures and videos, in a hope to make a post about the concert onContinue reading “I've been lazy: Part 1: The Wombats”

The Wombats – Tokyo

Alcopop Records Charlotte Brazier If you’re a Fan of Biiiig room dance rock then you will love The Wombats. This trio from Liverpool have already made it big with their 2008 hit ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’, and again repeated last November with ‘Tokyo’ (Vampire & Wolves), I know you’re thinking ‘oh well that’s old’,Continue reading “The Wombats – Tokyo”