Alice in Wonderland

This year Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland celebrates its 150th birthday. The story, about a bright and curious girl navigating her way through a shifting and changing world is fantastical and a fairy tale, deranged felines and unpunctual rabbits not being something we encounter in our every day lives. But there is depth to theContinue reading “Alice in Wonderland”

Wolf Alice – Giant Peach

Wolf Alice are back from SXSW and have a new album out. What’s different now from before? Well, they can play their instruments now. Despite evidence to the contrary, Joel, drummer from the band tells me how ‘We were shit, so we threw ourselves into learning our instruments. There was no excuse any more.’ ListenContinue reading “Wolf Alice – Giant Peach”

Wolf Alice @ The Scala

28th May 2014 with Superfood and Gengahr Dolled up in glitter and resembling different aspects of Ziggy Stardust, Wolf Alice bound on to the stage at a packed out Scala. ‘It’s so good to be home’ beams Ellie, before they launch into latest single Moaning Lisa Smile, before quickly powering into the snarl of She. PlayingContinue reading “Wolf Alice @ The Scala”

Wolf Alice – Creature Songs EP

Wolf Alice‘s latest EP Creature Songs is out now, and it’s as base and brilliant as everything we’ve heard before. A little introverted, emotionally resonant to the individual, and by default, a lot universal, this collection of blissful grunge show Wolf Alice at a more mature stage but with as much passion as ever. ‘Fight thoseContinue reading “Wolf Alice – Creature Songs EP”