Best of 2014

I’m lucky to be blessed with awesome friends who have equally awesome taste in music. Over the last few weeks the chat about our top tracks, gigs and albums of the year has been filling our conversations, and Jamie has been kind enough to jot down some of his own thoughts on the songs that haveContinue reading “Best of 2014”

Sky Larkin: wave after wave of brilliance

Given that they are about to kick of their UK tour to support new album Motto, the one subject to rave reviews, 8/10 ratings and general buzz, Katie Harkin, founder, writer, singer and guitarist of Sky Larkin would be forgiven for feeling nervous or frantic, buzzing about the attention she is receiving and anxious asContinue reading “Sky Larkin: wave after wave of brilliance”

Peter Darling – Limehouse

Peter Darling is a singer songwriter from Kent. So Peter Darling is some bloke strumming his acoustic guitar and singing yearning odes to countryside times gone by, probably with too much facial hair like the rest of them? Ha. They say that every song has already been written, but that doesn’t stop so many artistsContinue reading “Peter Darling – Limehouse”

Beacons Festival 2012

It’s All Happening began as a fanzine in Leeds back in 2008, so it’s good to be able to return to our roots and tell you how excited we are about Yorkshire’s Beacons Festival. Set in the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales from Friday 17th August, the three day festival returns for its seventhContinue reading “Beacons Festival 2012”

My Tiny Robots – Zut Alors

Released on January 2012 on Woodthief Records Reviewed by Francesca Baker The second of a set of three singles from Scot band My Tiny Robots, Zut Alors is a song of ambitious yet fully achieved architecture that. Opening with an almost country twang on vocals from Dylan Childs and Ryan Marinello, and padding along likeContinue reading “My Tiny Robots – Zut Alors”