Life Lessons

Presenting a never-before-seen take on wellbeing, bestselling authors and world-class thinkers combine under one roof for an insight-fuelled weekend of talks and debates, as Life Lessons shares big – but practical – ideas for living better. Taking place at The Barbican on 15-16 February, it’s the latest addition to the wellbeing schedule, and is presented by TheContinue reading “Life Lessons”

Moving Pieces Taster Workshop

As writers we spend a lot of time in our heads. Thoughts form words that form phrases that we process in the mind and present to the page. Sometimes the stories in our heads represent our experience in the world, but at other times they are born of mental processes than our bodily knowledge. NeitherContinue reading “Moving Pieces Taster Workshop”

Head Talks

When it comes to our mental health, we could all do with a little support. Whether struggling with a specific diagnosis, or experiencing more transient feelings that are having a negative impact on your life, it’s crucial to find healthy ways to copes. New website Head Talks aims to support mental wellbeing by providing aContinue reading “Head Talks”