Witching Waves

Good music does not have to conform to boundaries, as Mark and Emma of Witching Waves know. Switching up instruments and swapping roles throughout their punky and poppy tunes, the pulsating beats and agitated bass lines of┬átheir output reveals a deep rooted talent and a passion for vibrancy. Things are a bit more upbeat andContinue reading “Witching Waves”

Weird Menace – Weird Menace

Weird Menace are three girls from Dalston who make moody and sinister sounds. Their 100 run EP was released back in March on cassette (I know, I know, I’m late to the party) and features five feedback heavy, convulsing and fuzzily fragmented tunes. Weird Menace, the song rather than the band, is a song ofContinue reading “Weird Menace – Weird Menace”