Warpaint at Somerset House

A balmy evening and neoclassical square might not seem the perfect setting for Warpaint, but they like to challenge convention. Smoke drenched shade and purple spectrum lighting provided the backdrop for their angsty art-rock, the second of Somerset House’s Summer Series gigs. Tougher than most dreampop bands, their shimmering pop has a strong shudder toContinue reading “Warpaint at Somerset House”

Swim Deep – King City

Released May 14th on Chess Club Recordings Evoking blissful summer days and carefree moments, King City is a jaunty insouciant tune from Birmingham band Swim Deep. The simple almost tossed away chorus of ‘with the sun on my back it’s a nice day,’ its fuzzy warmth, drumming footprint, and the thrilling pace of the tuneContinue reading “Swim Deep – King City”