Looking up for the spirit of Spitalfields

If you’re anything like me, or indeed 97% of London’s population, you spend the majority of your time whilst wandering the streets either looking at your phone, watching your feet to make sure you don’t trip over any remains of last night’s chicken wings or discarded copies of the Evening Standard, or staring daggers intoContinue reading “Looking up for the spirit of Spitalfields”

B_Tour – Belgrade

You might not be there, but listen to this tour of Belgrade. I’m in there somewhere… B_Tour is a platform that provides a chance to explore contemporary conditions of urban life and to consider how art can be used as a tool to reflect on these conditions and aims to develop new perspectives on urban environmentsContinue reading “B_Tour – Belgrade”

On The Right Track

“Look at his legs,” fellow hiker Tessa says. I can’t stop looking at them, even though I’m panting heavily. Day One of the 81-kilometre Queen Charlotte Track and our guide, Ray, a rather sprightly 76-year-old who runs up the hills billy goat-style, is full of vigour. He’s been walking and running for years, “the chanceContinue reading “On The Right Track”

Enchanted Tea Rooms

A magical garden of sprites and elves. Sparkling faries frolicking in the grass and budding flowers breathing out enchantment. An effervescent shimmer in the trees that harbour chatter and the comfort of tea and cake to lure the weary traveller. A wonderful utopia of Puck, his pals, and us, in the Peak District. Our bootsContinue reading “Enchanted Tea Rooms”