HINDS – Chili Town

Take a group of girls, throw them into the sunshine with a bunch of guitars and watch the serotonin fuelled riffs roll. Madrid quartet HINDS have released new tune Chili Town, which has all the sass, bounce and fortune you can expect from the breakthrough band. It’s a song about winning, and winning with aContinue reading “HINDS – Chili Town”

Visions Festival

In the year when the successful Camden Crawl folded, the outlook for Visions was mixed. Was the RIP of CC a sign that we are over wristband festivals, or was it just that new blood is needed. After a successful debut last year, the Hackney one-dayer, with 28 bands playing across four venues, complete withContinue reading “Visions Festival”

Three for Free

September 24th 2012 The Technicolours – Sweet Time With rebellious revolving guitar work that is reminiscent of Black Rebel  Motorcycle minus the gloom and a chorus that could rival some of  Britpop’s finer moments, Sweet Time exemplifies the bluesy, ballsy rock of The Technicolours. Trails and Ways – Mtn Tune Seriously sunny music for a seriously gloomy Monday. It’sContinue reading “Three for Free”