Mrs Dalloway at Arcola Theatre

Mrs Dalloway is probably my favourite novel, and as such I came to see the new adaptation at London’s Arcola Theatre feeling both excited and trepidatious. Could Forward Arena, Hal Coase’s script, and Thoms Bailey’s direction do it justice? I was worried as to how the play would adapt to the stage, with the narrative being so interiorised.   The five-strongContinue reading “Mrs Dalloway at Arcola Theatre”

Ramblings, responses and ruminations with the founder of the new Woolf Zine

2016 was a sh*t year for many reasons. But one brilliantly shining light was the lainch of the new Woolf Zine. Editor Séan Richardson is a first year PhD student at Nottingham Trent University, working on queer writers and Modernism, and he runs the Modernist Podcast. His love for Virginia Woolf led to the desireContinue reading “Ramblings, responses and ruminations with the founder of the new Woolf Zine”

Footprints of London Literary Festival

First published on State of the Arts It’s pouring with rain and my feet are soaked—a far cry from the beautiful June day in which Mrs Dalloway is set. Yet Rob Smith of London Footprints takes me on a journey that immerses me in Woolf’s novel, and not only shows me London or the book,Continue reading “Footprints of London Literary Festival”

Maggie Gee – Virginia Woolf in Manhattan

What would say were you to meet your hero or heroine? For Maggie Gee, or at least Angela Lamb, the protagonist of Virginia Woolf in Manhattan, one sentence wasn’t enough – she wrote a whole novel. Gee, Lamb and myself all have one thing in common – a love for Virginia Woolf. In fact, IContinue reading “Maggie Gee – Virginia Woolf in Manhattan”