Truck Festival 15 is coming…

Anyone who has listened to the IAH radio show (don’t worry, nobody else does either – check out the listen again here, will know that we have a massive soft-spot for Oxford. The scene, the bands – the architecture – it’s got everything we love about medium sized cities. In fact, we love itContinue reading “Truck Festival 15 is coming…”

Villagers @ The Scala, 5 Oct 2010

It was tonight that I fell in love. I’d heard Conor O’Brien was pretty good, some decent ditties and melodic love songs. What I wasn’t prepared for was the bewitching spectacle that transfixed me for the hour long set on this wintry evening in London. O’Brien’s song writing skills are such that sepia tinged melodiesContinue reading “Villagers @ The Scala, 5 Oct 2010”

Where next?

Blood Red Shoes @ Revenge Thursday 21.45 Not that they need a bigging up in any way, shape or form with this being a home tie n’all for the Brighton duo, but this Thursday night slot should go off big time as they clatter there way through tracks from both killer albums. I’m physically jealousContinue reading “Where next?”