Summer Camp new video

‘This is my life/ as the world turns to 3am/ spinning round, there’s no hope’ sings Jeremy Warmsley of Summer Camp, caught in an unending party loop, the futility and frustrations of life are captured on the Chris Boyle directed Down better than a sepia tone camera could. Released today (Monday 7th November) on Moshi Moshi.

White lips, pale face, breathing in the snowflakes…

Recognise that? Course you do, but for what reason? Literally every girl on the universe has taken a picture of themselves, posted it on Facebook with those lyrics as the caption and suddenly after 34 seconds of having been posted, the picture has 14 likes and 17 pretty similar comments reading ” omg babe uContinue reading “White lips, pale face, breathing in the snowflakes…”

Ladies & Gentleman, This is Mr Robbie Boyd

Francesca Baker It’s a lovely sunny Friday in March. We have a rare day off work, and are sitting on the top floor of a gallery in Victoria, watching the world go by and being serenaded by Robbie Boyd. As always, Robbie is nice and chipper, the sunny disposition of his music evidently having itsContinue reading “Ladies & Gentleman, This is Mr Robbie Boyd”