2:54 – You're Early, and announce debut album

Released April 16th, on Fiction records In 2011, 2:54 captured us at The Great Escape managing to turn Horatios on the pier into a haunting quiver of a room, , their melancholy melodies delighted us at Field Day, and we were entranced by the band at smaller gig at Corsica Studios. After the release of their EPContinue reading “2:54 – You're Early, and announce debut album”

Spring Offensive – Worry Fill My Heart

The articulate and amazing Spring Offensive have released their latest single (on a Saturday?!) called Worry Fill My Heart. Here’s the video for your delight. Listen carefully to the lyrics…we’ve all felt like this! “ALL I NEED… is just a couple of hundred- It should keep me for a few weeks…… I’m like a childContinue reading “Spring Offensive – Worry Fill My Heart”

Exlovers – the visuals

Last year we told you what we thought of Exlovers Starlight Starlight, and now we can share the video. Produced by Ursine Vulpine, the video comes ahead of the release of Exlovers debut album Moth this spring, through label Young & Lost Club. Youu can download Starlight Starlight from http://exlovers.co.uk/

Sugardrum – your postcards please!

This is Postcard, the beautiful new single from Sugardrum. The story telling band are after a little help from in creating the video for the song which will feature as many postcards as possible, contributed by you guys. These don’t have to be real postcards you’ve received in the post — an original drawing or picture you’ve madeContinue reading “Sugardrum – your postcards please!”

Little Comets: Worry

Released on December 12th 2011 by Dirty Hit Reviewed by Francesca Baker Who could have worries or woes listening to Little Comets. One of It’s All Happening’s favourite why aren’t  they bigger bands, new single Worry is the perfect reminder as to why. Thundering slaps on the drums open, and wailing and whirring Rob’s vocalsContinue reading “Little Comets: Worry”