The Garage – Live

There’s nothing better than enthusiasm and an DIY attitude  especially when the output is so good. The Garage-Live TV, a series of six hafl hour programmes is a new show in the North East showcasing local talent and the myriad musical output from the region. Musicians and creative artists from across the region came together toContinue reading “The Garage – Live”

Magic Eight Ball – Mother Nature's Candy EP

Francesca Baker Having recently evolved from a trio to a four piece, Surrey based Magic Eight Ball are back with their second EP, ‘Mother Nature’s Candy’.‘Mother Nature’s Candy’ is a characteristically classic rock influenced record, cocky opener Perils of Honesty made up of Guitar Hero style riffs. ‘Sunday Morning’ has the kind of bounce of earlyContinue reading “Magic Eight Ball – Mother Nature's Candy EP”

Ladies & Gentleman, This is Mr Robbie Boyd

Francesca Baker It’s a lovely sunny Friday in March. We have a rare day off work, and are sitting on the top floor of a gallery in Victoria, watching the world go by and being serenaded by Robbie Boyd. As always, Robbie is nice and chipper, the sunny disposition of his music evidently having itsContinue reading “Ladies & Gentleman, This is Mr Robbie Boyd”