Colour on the commute – London Transport Museum Lates

Like most people in London, I have a mixed relationship with the transport system. Whilst I sigh at the packed commutes, feel exhausted walking between tubes at King’s Cross, and berate the never ending engineering works, I will defend it with passion to anyone else who dares to criticise it. For a system that openedContinue reading “Colour on the commute – London Transport Museum Lates”

Getting things off the chest of Earthling Brains

It’s tough to know which category to file this post under. Are Earthling Brains musicians or artists (let’s not get into the discussion about them being one and the same thing). As well as a  fantastic band whose  debut album is released by Forward Defensive Records on the 10th June, Earthling Brains is also a comicContinue reading “Getting things off the chest of Earthling Brains”

London Story Slam

Written for the London Story Slam The guy to my right takes a sip of his coffee, the thud of its stained base being placed on the table just masking the name of the person on the other end of the phone. ‘Yeah, I’m living in London unfortunately.’ Mid gulp, the hot syrupy liquid inContinue reading “London Story Slam”