IDER – You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead of You Baby

The latest tune from IDER, the duo made up of Megan Marwick and Lily Somerville, is a breezy summer songabout the difficulties of navigating the world in your twenties. Blissful melodies and quivering pulses under smooth vocals make for delectable listening. They explained, ‘You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead of You Baby is a songContinue reading “IDER – You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead of You Baby”

Elizabeth Aaron – Low Expectations

Our twenties are a time when expectations and reality tread a murky transient place, and the desire to build our identity comes with more knock downs than we may have bargained for. Twenty four year old Georgie works in fashion, lives in hip East London, spends her days in a perpetual drunk/hangover haze and isContinue reading “Elizabeth Aaron – Low Expectations”