Mount Song – Halo

Jacob Johansson once went under the moniker Det Stora Monstret (The Big Monster). Despite acclaim for the project, he’s now made a shift, and decided to team up with some pals and launched Mount Song. The eponymous debut album (out on 5 May via Suncave Recordings) is a melding of grunge, folk, and pop, spanning the whole gamut ofContinue reading “Mount Song – Halo”

Brijs – Thunder

Starting off with some thunder claps to align with the apparent pulses that the girl ignites in the protagonist, Thunder fuses melody hooks and a clear appreciation for convential songwriting skills with a rhythmic backbone and electronic shimmers in a tune emblematic of Brijs. The 25 year old producer, based in South East London, hasContinue reading “Brijs – Thunder”

Haux – Seaside

If the new tune from Haux was indeed the Seaside, it would be one of lapping waves, smoothly hitting the shore whilst a brisk wind blows, dreaming of a future that seems distant on the horizon. Fusing chilled electronic beats with folk vibes and ambient guitar, the track is taken from the Londoner’s Debut EP AllContinue reading “Haux – Seaside”

Jenny Hval – Take Care of Yourself

On Take Care of Yourself, in a sweet and sensitive voice, Jenny Hval chucks out lyrics about ‘your soft dick’ and ‘I grab my cunt,’ stating that ‘we don’t have to fuck.’ It’s confused and shocked some, but her power does not lie in words that have the ability to raise eyebrows, but the slow burning flutterContinue reading “Jenny Hval – Take Care of Yourself”