Martha – Sleeping Beauty EP

There’s something lovely, and surprising, about a band making a mixtape. Of course, when you consider it rationally, of course they should be interested in music, of course they should be supporting one another, of course they dance until they drop to songs that shoot them through with adrenalin, and of course they should wantContinue reading “Martha – Sleeping Beauty EP”

Trust Fund – No One’s Coming For Us

Debut album No One’s Coming For Us by Trust Fund, the brainchild and output of Bristol’s Ellis Jones, is filled with a sparklingly melancholy and elements of pained introspection. There’s singalong choruses and shoegazey fuzz on Cut Me Out, upbeat rhythms on Sadness, as well as optimistic high pitched indie pop songcraft, a la Essay To Write.Continue reading “Trust Fund – No One’s Coming For Us”