Where Are We Now? in music & words

Where Are We Now? That’s a bloody good question. The UK is politically, socially and economically at a crossroads, and the route to take not clear. No one has the answers, but some of the best musicians and poets have some thoughts. Amongst them are 2016 Ted Hughes Award shortlistees & poets Hollie McNish &Continue reading “Where Are We Now? in music & words”

VANT – Do You Know Me

Like the true punk greats, trio VANT are socially and politically aware, and have something to say. Powerful and aggressive, as well it might be for a songwriter who finds Trump ‘terrifying’ and Brexit depressing. Speaking to the Boar at the back end of last year, singer and songwriter Mattie Vant expressed his wish that ‘the moreContinue reading “VANT – Do You Know Me”

Margaret Drabble gets The Novel Cure

‘No one who reads could possibly turn out like Trump.’ At least not according to the prolific and talented Dame Margaret Drabble. And, as author of nineteen novels, twice editor of the Oxford Companion of English Literature, married to Michael Holroyd and younger sister of AS Byatt, she knows a thing or two about reading.Continue reading “Margaret Drabble gets The Novel Cure”