Christa Vi & Coupons – Emerald Bay

Want some summer sparkle in your life? Check out Emerald Bay, the new single from Christa Vi & Coupons. Written by Christa Vi in conjunction with Sydney’s Coupons, whilst bonding over idyllic tropical disco jams, it’s a flyaway slice of rhythms and rapture, evoking the taste of chilled cocktails, the site of glistening sun, and theContinue reading “Christa Vi & Coupons – Emerald Bay”

Friday Club – Tropical/All I Wanna Do

Not for this band a pretence, schmoozing words they don’t mean with a sentiment that they don’t have. Friday Club are all about bold and brash statements, one they deliver with style and fervour on new single Tropical. The repeated refrain of ‘you’re not tropical’ is potent enough to have you entrapped, and is instantlyContinue reading “Friday Club – Tropical/All I Wanna Do”