Roam With A Roman

Hadrian’s Wall stretches 73 miles across northern England, and was once the northern most frontier of an empire which ruled a quarter of the world. I find out more about life up here with my very own Celt to guide. Standing with our backs against the ancient wall, wind billowing against us, we’re asked toContinue reading “Roam With A Roman”

Post It Love

Few things inspire the written word more than a good cup of coffee. Caffiene seems to power the brain, and by association, the pen. An elixir of creativity. Vietnamese coffee is one of the best, perhaps the epitome of good coffee. Rich, deep, and potent. It’s the way they roast over here. Roasted and ground withContinue reading “Post It Love”

A movie trip around Malta

Sunny skies, historic buildings, dramatic scenery and the cleanest seas in the Mediterranean (as well as favourable tax rates – the Malta Film Commission offer various incentives to attract overseas film-makers) have seen Malta play host to film makers from all countries and genres over the years. Check out some pretty spots on this tiny island toContinue reading “A movie trip around Malta”