Zip World

There’s plenty of ways to see great views in London, but not many are like this. Zip World brought their zip line experiences to the capital – 35 metres above it in fact –  to let you take in the scenery whilst you get a thrill. From the height of nine double decker buses youContinue reading “Zip World”

Writing what you don’t know – Paul Cooper discusses River of Ink

‘Write what you know.’ It’s a well used and oft quoted piece of advice for aspiring writers. But consider the role of historical novels, sci-fi sagas and fantasy fiction. How do writers approach these genres and produce work that is set in spaces and places far removed from their experience, yet manage to build narrativesContinue reading “Writing what you don’t know – Paul Cooper discusses River of Ink”

Colour on the commute – London Transport Museum Lates

Like most people in London, I have a mixed relationship with the transport system. Whilst I sigh at the packed commutes, feel exhausted walking between tubes at King’s Cross, and berate the never ending engineering works, I will defend it with passion to anyone else who dares to criticise it. For a system that openedContinue reading “Colour on the commute – London Transport Museum Lates”