The Antlers – Palace

In the mood for some soaring and soothing epic songs that take you on an intense emotional trajectory, leaving you feeling wrought but content afterwards, written, produced and played by some of Brooklyn’s most talented? Well here are The Antlers, with Palace, from their fourth studio album Familiars, out on Transgressive on June 16th.  

Liu Bei – Infatuation

“We heard something on the radio about Liu Bei, a Chinese warlord who was known as an amazing strategist and a really caring, benevolent leader. He was also eight feet tall and had ears so big he could see them. Seemed like something to aspire to.” That’s surely all you need to know to knowContinue reading “Liu Bei – Infatuation”

Cosmo Sheldrake – The Moss / Solar

There’s a lot to be said for being frivolous. Art doesn’t have to be deep and meaningful, and indeed if we want to get confused and convoluted meaningless can mean. But let’s leave that. On 21st April paradYse Records present the debut single by 24 year-old London-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Cosmo Sheldrake. Cosmo describes TheContinue reading “Cosmo Sheldrake – The Moss / Solar”