Introducing…Hero Fisher

Hero Fisher‘s new album Delivery is steely, stark, and sexy. Full of edges, the tunes scratch at the skin like only an old lover can, but despite such resonance and immediacy, they’re not necessarily what Hero heard in the first place, and she acknowledges that it can be difficult to get what is in herContinue reading “Introducing…Hero Fisher”

B_Tour – Belgrade

You might not be there, but listen to this tour of Belgrade. I’m in there somewhere… B_Tour is a platform that provides a chance to explore contemporary conditions of urban life and to consider how art can be used as a tool to reflect on these conditions and aims to develop new perspectives on urban environmentsContinue reading “B_Tour – Belgrade”

Cycling to ‘Siberia’, wheels to wine

‘So just a kilometre from here is the spot they call Siberia,’ Stuart tells me.  ‘It gets so windy there that in September a train was blown off the track and ended up suspended, carriages hanging off like a piece of string.’ I am significantly smaller than a train, balancing on a bicycle, and thereContinue reading “Cycling to ‘Siberia’, wheels to wine”

Flash! Bang! Crash! A chat with Flash Bang Band

Flash Bang Band are something of a visceral and muscular band, their pop-psych merger and bounding energy flooding and flickering through everything they do. Having amassed quite a fan base in their home town of Brighton they are off on tour this month, taking their boundless energy and bustling rhythms around Europe. The fun andContinue reading “Flash! Bang! Crash! A chat with Flash Bang Band”

Bear’s Den – Agape

American jangle, rustic jaunts, banjo balladeering and stupefied skiffle, Bear’s Den’s five track EP Agape is a heartfelt and inspiring record. Sweet and simple, it unfolds quickly and is a seamlessly involving collection of music. Signed to Communion Records, they are completely representative of the label’s sound. Authentic and stirring, raw and dreamy, hook laden andContinue reading “Bear’s Den – Agape”