Death by Unga Bunga

Norwegian garage punk group Death by Unga Bunga have been going for ten years now, but have not lost any of their urgency and energy. So Far So Good So Cool is their fifth full-length album since they formed a decade ago. The band are all in their late twenties, and combine the vigour ofContinue reading “Death by Unga Bunga”

Shirley Valentine on Tour

The tale of a middle-aged woman demarcated by society. The story of a mother with grown children who finds herself without an identity. The saga of a wife with a complacent husband who finds more stimulation in a beige wall. Shirley Valentine is familiar to many, not only as a result of its absorption intoContinue reading “Shirley Valentine on Tour”

Lowly – Deer Eyes

Mesmerising is a word bandied about a lot by music journos and bloggers, but it truly applies to Lowly. Textured, oneiric, shifting and mysterious the Danish band’s latest track Deer Eyes is full of cascading synths and panoramic sweeps of rich keyboard melodies that synthesitically meld together. Restless and shifting yet also calming, the fiveContinue reading “Lowly – Deer Eyes”

Looking up for the spirit of Spitalfields

If you’re anything like me, or indeed 97% of London’s population, you spend the majority of your time whilst wandering the streets either looking at your phone, watching your feet to make sure you don’t trip over any remains of last night’s chicken wings or discarded copies of the Evening Standard, or staring daggers intoContinue reading “Looking up for the spirit of Spitalfields”

Andy Hamilton’s Change Management

Born in 1954, Andy Hamilton has seen a number of changes throughout his life. As have his audience, as the number of raised hands shows when he does it a quick poll as to how many others were born in the fifties, and again to ascertain the number of Radio 4 listeners in the room.Continue reading “Andy Hamilton’s Change Management”