Sean Taylor – River

Groove and rolling rhythms reminiscent of Steely Dan or a chilled Hendrix under cockney rhymes and chatting poetry, River is Sean Taylor‘s ode to the ‘Sweet Thames, a river with its amphetamine beat that shakes the golden sky.’ The song is a musical tome capsule, a love letter and a worshipping hymn, London having infiltratedContinue reading “Sean Taylor – River”

BBC Introducing – Musician’s Masterclass 2013 – need to know

On March 21st the BBC ran sessions around the UK inviting musicians, industry experts and fans to learn about the industry, in a day of advice sessions, expert panels, and conferences. Here are some of the highlights and learnings. Some are obvious, some may change the way you have considered things, all are worth reading.Continue reading “BBC Introducing – Musician’s Masterclass 2013 – need to know”