TIGERCUB – Little Rope

Rather insistent beats underpin the looping TIGERCUB‘s Little Rope that swerves and swirls in style and its level of demented inspiration. Guitar slides reflect its grit, and bruising rushes of power build and brim before collapsing into viscous and vicious riffs and gravelly discord. LOVE, is not what they want, but when the reaction soundsContinue reading “TIGERCUB – Little Rope”

Radio radio radio – August 9th

New show from Thoughts & Rhythms, you betcha. 1. Hockeysmith – Let’s Bang 2. The Vickers – She’s Lost 3. TV Girl – She Smokes In Bed 4. Gaoler’s Daughter – St Peter 5. Ghost Outfit – Waste 6. Throwing Up – Medicine 7. Shake the Baron – Ghost Hits 8. To Kill A KingContinue reading “Radio radio radio – August 9th”