War Horse at The Marlowe

You’ll cry.’ I was told. You’d certainly have to have a hard heart not to be moved by War Horse. Opening its 10th anniversary UK tour at Canterbury’s The Marlowe Theatre, the National Theatre’s production really is drama at its finest. Directed by Marianne Elliot and Tom Morris, Nick Stafford’s adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s bookContinue reading “War Horse at The Marlowe”

The Play That Goes Wrong got it right

Please note that this review will be somewhat shorter than usual due to the reviewers being either unable to see the performance due to tears of laughter, hear the actors above raucous enjoyment and snorting, and having to leave the Marlowe Theatre auditorium on a few occasions due to fear of peeing oneself with laughter.Continue reading “The Play That Goes Wrong got it right”

Creed of Spies

Bold, innovative and thrilling, The Marlowe Theatre’s Creed of Spies is a new and exciting step for the theatre and city. An immersive performance In Canterbury’s secret places, it’s part promenade, part parkour, and fuses story and fact with history and modernity to create something special. The Marlowe Youth Theatre’s exhilarating new community production explores theContinue reading “Creed of Spies”

Dancing Queens and Flared Seams – Mamma Mia Live!

The audience are warned – ‘this show contains white lycra.’ But what else would you expect from Abba? Mamma Mia! is now in its eighteenth year, and shows no signs of slowing down. At Canterbury’s Marlowe Theatre one summer evening we’re transported to a Greek island where a wedding is about to place, but even underContinue reading “Dancing Queens and Flared Seams – Mamma Mia Live!”

Hamlet – a play for today 

You might think you know Shakespeare’s Hamlet inside out. In fact, you probably do. A play about political struggle, family dynamics and finding love, it remains as relevant as ever. As well as this, we experience Hamlet every day, as its words have entered our vocabulary as either mis quoted sayings (‘Alas, poor Yorick! I knewContinue reading “Hamlet – a play for today “