Cellophane Flowers – Staring At The World

Released 3rd December Upon discovering that they describe themselves as ‘psychopop’ I was immediately struck with fear and an image of an Aqua covers band, delirious having od’d on Skittles and sniffed to much sherbet, singing in a helium fueled voice. Thankfully The Cellophane Flowers are nothing of the sort, and take their vibe from the far cooler song about Lucy and herContinue reading “Cellophane Flowers – Staring At The World”

The Standards – A Slight Distraction

Released September 4th on Schnapps House Records Pop needs more bands like this. Not skinny jeaned clad hipsters. Not young upstarts suddenly starry eyed. Not meaningful and morbid ‘thinking’ bands. Straight up exciting songs from a bunch of mates who know how to use their instruments to great effect and  for great sounds. Debut albumContinue reading “The Standards – A Slight Distraction”

The Standards – Mice

Released November 7th 2011 on Schnapps House Reviewed by Francesca Baker My initial thought was ‘Oooh, they remind me of Pulp.’ Anyone who knows It’s All Happening, or myself, will aware that this is emphatically. A. Good. Thing. The occasionally venomous lyrics plinky piano and bouncy melodies employed by The Standards are used to anContinue reading “The Standards – Mice”