Guillemots, The Joy Formidable and Morning Parade..

It’s All Happening have made no secrets of our love for The Joy Formidable and Guillemots, so we thought we would treat you all to these lovely videos.. Guillemots – I Must Be A Lover The Joy Formidable – A Heavy Abacus We’ve also thrown in a fantastic track from Morning Parade.. Morning Parade –Continue reading “Guillemots, The Joy Formidable and Morning Parade..”

The Joy Formidable – The Big Roar

Atlantic Records January 24th 2011 Francesca Baker I feel that this will be like reviewing a child. Not just a child, but my child. How can you pass judgement on one whom you’ve watched grow, cherished their early sounds, and sung the praises of over the last couple of years, and are now being grabbedContinue reading “The Joy Formidable – The Big Roar”

Ones To Watch

It tends to take years, or at least months, for bands to form a following, to build a reputation and to get themselves heard. The arrival of January 2011 will not suddenly create a throng of new artists that until now have been hiding away, ready to form on New Year’s Eve and take theContinue reading “Ones To Watch”

A Formidable Force

The Joy Formidable managed to find their way on to many ‘Hot Tips for 2009’ lists, and, despite the weather, this summer has proven to be a hot and happy one for Ritzy, Rhydian and Matt, playing their way across the festival trail as well as getting ready to support both The Editors and Passion PitContinue reading “A Formidable Force”