Olympic Tunes

There’s a bandwagon in town and the record companies are jumping on board. Heartened by the upsurge in sales for bands featuring on the bill of the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, and keen to provide for anyone grinning from ear to ear during Danny Boyle’s epic opening ceremony extravaganza on Friday (i.e the whole ofContinue reading “Olympic Tunes”

Various Artists – London: Songs To Define The City

Out on November 28th, on UMC, in conjunction with Time Out Reviewed by Francesca Baker For me this is pure scribal porn. Writing about my two favourite things in the same review – London and music. Only if I was sat at a desk with a ink well, glass of the finer stuff, windswept hillsContinue reading “Various Artists – London: Songs To Define The City”

Paul Weller @ Wembley, 10 Dec 2010

Francesca Baker A gig can only be as good as the sum of its parts. Like any party, a successful night relies on the host giving the crowd a good time, as well as guests ready to let loose a little, excited about the forthcoming shindig. You get what you give in these situations. UnlessContinue reading “Paul Weller @ Wembley, 10 Dec 2010”