Colour on the commute – London Transport Museum Lates

Like most people in London, I have a mixed relationship with the transport system. Whilst I sigh at the packed commutes, feel exhausted walking between tubes at King’s Cross, and berate the never ending engineering works, I will defend it with passion to anyone else who dares to criticise it. For a system that openedContinue reading “Colour on the commute – London Transport Museum Lates”

F.O.L.K…C.O.N…T.R.A…P..T…I.O..N – it's The Folk Contraption

My plus one asked me what I thought of The Folk Contraption, a night of story telling and folk music brought by The Rogue’s Gallery at London’s Vault Festival. ‘Wonderful.’ I replied. But apparently that won’t make for a whole review. Tales of dragons and suicides, train journeys and lost property, flowing rivers and fleetingContinue reading “F.O.L.K…C.O.N…T.R.A…P..T…I.O..N – it's The Folk Contraption”